The pharmacist will direct you through the following 6 steps, and assess your technique:

Step 1: Prime

Some devices must be primed prior to use. Your pharmacist will let you know if your device needs priming.

Step 2: Prepare

In order to prepare for your dose, you should breathe in, then breathe out (to the end of a normal breath). Do not have the inhaler device in your mouth when doing this.

Step 3: Seal

Seal your lips around the device.

Step 4: Activate*

Release the dose for your device. Your pharmacist will show you how this is best done for your device. This step includes you receiving your dose (usually through an inwards breath–your pharmacist will guide you on this, depending on your device).

Step 5: Hold

After you have received a dose, hold your breath for 5–10 seconds. Then breathe out (away from the device).

Step 6: Rinse

For some inhalers, you need to rinse your mouth out after use. Your pharmacist will let you know if you need to do this.

1. Evaluation of a novel educational strategy to improve asthma inhaler technique, 2008.
†Your doctor or pharmacist may provide you with different instructions for your device. Please follow the advice of your healthcare professional and if advised please use a spacer device as recommended. *Repeat as directed by your healthcare professional.

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