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Carers Australia represent carers at a national level, working towards a vision of an Australia that values and supports carers. Together with a network of state/territory Carers associations, they provide a range of supports and services.

Anyone can become a carer at any time – when a family member or a friend has an accident or acquires an illness or disability, upon the birth of a child with a disability, or when an ageing parent becomes frail.

The impact of unpaid caring can affect a carer’s health and wellbeing and it is important that carers identify themselves as such and are informed about the services and support that are available and how best to access these.

It is estimated that carers provided 1.9 billion hours of unpaid care in 2015, with a total replacement value of $60.3 billion - over $1 billion per week.

In 2012, 38.9% of primary carers reported spending, on average, 40 hours or more per week caring. 19.5% spent between 20 and 40 hours per week2.

Providing specific workplace arrangements for these carers has significant benefits for business, including reducing recruitment and training costs by increasing staff retention, and increasing the productivity and job satisfaction of employees.

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