Electronic prescriptions, also known as e-scripts, are an alternative to paper prescriptions.

When you get a prescription written by your doctor, you can choose to receive either an electronic prescription or paper prescription to take to your pharmacy for dispensing. If you choose to receive an electronic prescription, your doctor will ask for your phone number or email address and then send the electronic prescription straight to your device via your preferred method of communication.

Downloading the MedAdvisor app is the easiest way to manage your prescriptions and arrange home delivery. If you don’t already have the app this can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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When your doctor provides you an electronic prescription, you will receive an SMS or email containing a link. Once clicked, the link will open a QR code. This QR code is also known as a ‘token’.

Each token represents one prescription. If you have a number of prescriptions, you will receive a token for each prescription. The MedAdvisor app can help you manage multiple tokens at once so you don’t have to keep track of all your messages and emails.

Once you receive your electronic prescription, come into your local Guardian pharmacy where your pharmacist will scan the token (QR code) which then opens up to reveal your prescription. Your Guardian pharmacist will then fill your prescription for you as normal. Download it today and set up your local Guardian as your preferred pharmacy. Alternatively if you use the MedAdvisor app, you can forward your e-script to your Guardian pharmacy and have it ready to collect at a time that suits you or even get it delivered.

Yes, your information is secure. Your prescription is protected through layers of encryption and stored in a system called the Prescription Exchange Service (PES) which is only accessed by those who have authority such as your Guardian pharmacist.

You can access your electronic prescription through devices such as a smartphone, tablet or computer. You will need to provide your email address or a phone number to receive your electronic prescription from your doctor. Once the electronic prescription is received by either SMS or email it can be added to the MedAdvisor app.

Yes. You can continue using paper prescriptions if you’re not ready to start using electronic prescriptions.

Yes, you can use both. However, once you have been prescribed a particular medication as an electronic prescription, you cannot go back to using a paper prescription for that repeat or vice versa.

For repeat prescriptions, your doctor will set up your electronic prescription with the repeats stored within token (QR code). When your Guardian pharmacist scans the token, the system will pick up that there are repeats to come. It will then send you an updated token each time the medication is dispensed until the repeats run out.