Healthy Kids Guide

Guardians tips to Prevent, Protect and Manage your child’s asthma symptoms.

Let’s start with Prevent.

Having an Asthma Care Plan put together with your local GP and ensuring that your child is using their inhaler correctly is the best place to start. Your local Guardian pharmacist can discuss your child’s asthma management with you and teach you and your child to use their inhaler correctly, to get the most out of their medication.

Sometimes, people living with asthma require preventative medication that can be taken daily depending on triggers and asthma symptoms. Some children may only need preventer medication during certain seasons; when pollen is very high or during flu season in winter, while others may need it all year round.


Know the signs of an asthma attack or asthma emergency and know how to administer asthma first aid.

Although asthma attacks are not always avoidable, knowing what triggers your child’s asthma and avoiding those triggers, is the best way to protect them from one. Some examples of triggers are; exposure to cigarette smoke and other indoor or outdoor air pollution, airway infections such as the flu, exercise, cold air or dust mites, pollen, and mould.

How to Manage an asthma attack.

Follow the steps in your Asthma Care Plan for your child if their symptoms worsen, administer their reliever medication when required which acts quickly to relieve symptoms by relaxing the tight muscles around the airways. And of course, in severe or life-threatening cases, call triple zero (000) for an ambulance and start asthma first aid.