It is an exciting time when your child gets to school age. Amongst all the adventure and learnings that come with your child starting school, they may come home with some nasties that spread in the playground.

Preparing for primary school

Starting primary school is a signifi cant time in both you and your child’s life. We have some tips on how to prepare your child for primary school on page 20 of our guide.

Hay fever and allergies

Sneezing and wheezing is never fun, especially for little ones. In our guide we discuss common causes of hay fever and other allergies and how to properly care for those who do suff er with them. Read more on page 21.


It’s never a barrel of fun when the fl u comes to town, but there are ways to help reduce its reign. Page 24 helps you learn more about identifying symptoms of flu in your little ones as well as ways to treat it.

Head lice

Head lice like to make regular appearances around schooling environments and spread through direct contact with someone who has them. We share our pharmacists’ top tips on getting rid of head lice on page 26.


Gastro is a bowel infection that can last up to ten days. Page 28 helps you identify symptoms of gastro in your child and keep them hydrated while they get better.