Healthy Kids Guide

Here are our simple Prevent, Protect and Manage tips for Eczema.


Learning what triggers your child’s Eczema is the best way to prevent a flare-up. Triggers can be as simple as dry skin and scratching an affected area or more complex, such as painful bacterial infections. Inside the home, triggers can be animals, house dust mites, and perfumes whilst triggers outside the home might include grass, sandpits, and allergens such as pollen. Keeping your child’s environment clean and tidy is a great way to prevent flare-ups.


Keeping the skin hydrated is important for making sure the skin is healthy and acting as a protective barrier. Your local Guardian pharmacist can suggest appropriate creams or ointments that suit your child’s skin type and can be used every day. These are especially effective when applied after bathing.

Managing a flare-up.

Medicated ointments or creams prescribed by your doctor can be used to treat flare-ups and antihistamines as well as cold compresses and over-the-counter products can help control itching and prevent scratching.

Your child’s skin and situation are different from others. At Guardian, we offer a personalised Eczema Care Plan to give you the best advice and recommend the right products to manage your child’s Eczema.