Healthy Kids Guide

Learn simple sun safety tips to prevent, protect and manage sun safety.


Prevent sunburn and heatstroke on hot days:

  • Wear protective clothing including a hat and sunglasses. Protective clothing is especially important for babies under six months of age where sunscreen isn’t recommended.
  • Sit in shady areas
  • Keep hydrated
  • Avoid too much physical activity.


Make sure sunscreen is applied 20 minutes before heading outdoors and every two hours thereafter and reapply after swimming.


If you or your child does accidentally spend a bit too much time in the sun, it is important to get re-hydrated as soon as possible.

If sunburn occurs, soothe their skin by gently applying a cool compress or bathe in cool water. Avoid using soap as this may irritate the skin. Your Guardian pharmacist can recommend spray on solutions that soothe sunburn and avoid touching the area by hand.

If the area isn’t too painful, apply a safe moisturiser or wound gel to help boost the moisture of the skin beneath. Body butter or thick barrier creams should not be applied to sunburnt skin.

If blisters occur, they should be covered to avoid scratching and reduce the risk of infection. Remember, blisters should never be popped. Pain-relief medication should only be taken if necessary and you should visit your local GP for severe cases or worrisome symptoms.

And lastly, remember to keep out of the sun until the skin is completely healed.