As your child grows into a toddler they begin to speak, move, and learn. It is a wonderful development to watch. Along with getting older, your toddler may experience some common and in most cases mild health conditions.

Our Guardian pharmacists have identified these health conditions and provided some helpful information around it.


Chickenpox is usually a mild disease that causes an itchy, blistering skin rash and mild fever. It only lasts a short time in children but can be more severe in adults. Page 14 of our Healthy Kids’ Guide has more information for spotting Chickenpox and how to best treat it.

Dental Hygiene

Developing healthy dental hygiene at a young age will set your child up for pearly white success. Page 15 helps you spot the signs and prevent dental issues in your children.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are a common ailment in children. They are easily treatable, however can be quite painful. Page 16 teaches you to spot the symptoms of infection in young children and methods to prevent it.

Hand, foot and mouth disease

Generally a mild illness, hand, foot and mouth disease is common in children under ten years of age and is quite contagious. Learn about what to look out for and how to treat this illness on page 17 of the guide.