Guardian pharmacies, in partnership with Australian Hearing, offer FREE hearing screenings and hearing aid maintenance checks for you and your family. Consultations are available in participating Guardian pharmacies performed by accredited hearing specialists.

Hearing screening:

During the hearing check you may be asked about your lifestyle and how it relates to your hearing. Then you are checked on 2 to 4 frequencies of air conduction using headphones with amplified tones.

The results of the check indicate a need for further assessment and testing and you will be advised accordingly on the day. If you require further assistance, you may be eligible for the voucher program and will be referred to your nearest Australian Hearing centre for more assistance

Hearing aid service:

•             Check your ear canal & ear drum.
•             Cleaning of hearing aid and function check.
•             Change the hearing aid battery. (The new battery will last another 10 - 14 days)
•             Receive a free information pack