Are you unsure about what vaccinations you require for an upcoming travel destination?
Do you have a history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)?
Do you know what medicines to take with you to an upcoming travel destination?
Do you know whether your medicines are legal in the country you are visiting?
Are you at risk of blood clots while travelling?
Would you like advice on measures you can take to avoid travel related blood clots?
Will you be travelling to a malaria prone area?
Will you be travelling with kids and need advice?
Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes and need travel advice?

Guardian Pharmacies can assist you with your travel needs.

We'll help take the stress out of your trip by advising you on products you may need at your travel destination.

Our pharmacists can also advise you on whether you will require any vaccinations, anti-malarial medicines or other medical items, as well as informing you on the protocols for taking medicines abroad.

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